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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Contradictions in a Student's Life

"From your first day at school you are cut off from life to make theories”

Taisen Deshimaru

LIFE is the continual exploration of the relationship between the individual and the world. Institutional schooling inverts this process. Our education system progressively alienates the individual from him-Self.
Obedience and imitation require nothing original from the child. Sit, stand, kneel. Accepting blindly other's ideas and behaviour. We submit ourselves to others, not thinking for ourselves.

We are just a Cog in the economic machinery, through years of brainwashing.

Modern education literally sucks the LIFE out of the student.

Men are born ignorant, not stupid; they are made stupid by education”

Bertrand Russell

The Chinese say, to know and not to do is not to know”; therefore it can be reasonably assumed that most students and nearly all academics know nothing.

The definition of success is such that in order to SUCCEED we must imitate.
And to imitate is to add to the mountain of (largely irrelevant) technical information that, being abstract, literally draws the student out of direct connection with the world.
Science is Reason’s most gifted child. Science seeks to formulate principles or laws that account for the operations of the natural world. The scientific method is simple:
1. Observe phenomena
2. Formulate a hypothesis to explain the observed phenomena
3. Test hypothesis
This simple schema allows us to see exactly where Science and Reason fit together with Art. The formulation of a hypothesis is an entirely creative and intuitive act; it is Art. In other words Reason, if not grounded in Art, does not work.
If Science is not grounded in Art it loses its direction – the source of its hypotheses. Art is the domain of the Self; it is direct intuitive knowledge. Separated from his-Self the student is a stranger to Art, intuition, creativity and authentic desire.


The secret to fulfilment, happiness and a better world is there is no secret. After wrestling with the enormous absurdity and frustration of modern life you eventually say: Fuck it! This deep thought is depressing me too much. I just want to enjoy myself”, and ironically you solve your dilemma. You rediscover what you already knew as a child - that happiness is your purpose - and realise that, as an adult, doing what makes you happy is the most revolutionary act imaginable. Oh, and for those solemn souls who think such selfish anarchic pleasure will destroy the world, haven’t you ever noticed that happiness is something that only grows when it is shared?
Rejecting every value, belief and direction that doesn’t emanate from within your-Self is necessary to ‘clear the decks’, so the speak. With this reversal of perspective education becomes a matter of using that which resonates with that within you and ignoring the rest. That is, education becomes part of the Art of living - it becomes part of LIFE.

And what is good, Phaedrus, and what is not good - need we ask anyone to tell us these things?”
Robert Pirsig
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

people give a damn:
Hey there really enjoyed this article. It's true that educaiton is just a way removing oneself from the practicalities of the life. Though tell me, if not schooling, then what would you prefer to educate people with. Also if schooling is such a waste of time and money, then why do people still prefer it after thousands of years of schooling history?
The Indian school system was modeled after German schools created in the 1800's for the express purpose of producing obedient soldiers and factory workers (This is true! I've read it in many different good sources). The German system was extremely successful in achieving its goal in Germany and was therefore copied by other countries, including the U.S. Our schools are operated pretty much the same way today in the 2000's as they were back when Thomas Edison was kicked out for being "addled." Creativity and independent thought and action were discouraged because such traits were problematic in a war or a factory. Today these traits interfere with our cookie cutter, mass production educational system; a bureaucratic system which is unable to change itself.

"Somewhere between the ages of eleven and fifteen, the average child begins to suffer from an atrophy, the paralysis of curiosity and the suspension of the power to observe. The trouble I should judge to lie with the schools." - Thomas Edison.

Obviously the brightest and most creative kids are going to have the biggest problem dealing with this restrictive environment.

Parents can try-

Self Schooling for Teenagers
Hunter School
Free (or Democratic) Schools
Essential Schools
Multiple Intelligence Education
Progressive Schools
Waldorf Education
Montessori Schools
The International Baccalaureate
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