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Monday, November 02, 2009


Arranged Marriages!

If you are a single, typical, young man who lives in India, the day will dawn when you realize that the only way you can get SOME, lies in the hallowed institution of marriage. Most of the guys I know have squandered their adolescence trying to GET BUSY, without any luck. So one day, when you're probably 25, you'll harbor hopes of acquiring a HOT FOX through "Arranged Marriages". I shall redefine beauty so that there is no confusion whatsoever in your mind about beauty and some of you don't regret having to spend your life with a Grizzly Bear.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

What a piece of bullshit! Everyone know this is the biggest piece of prevarication ever used to con man! If she's HOT, she's HOT. Don't matter what u think or i think, she's HOT. And in your heart you know that's true.

I formally change this quote to :-

Beauty lies in the eye of the Beerholder.

Coz i won't call Queen Latifah, Naomi Campbell unless i have more beer than blood in my body.

Before you start looking for a woman, aim high, and go for the most beautiful one you can get. You deserve her. Man's wealth has always been traded off with a woman's beauty, since Adam and Eve got together. If you got the right earning potential, spending potential and the green card getting potential, you should be okay.

Don't okay a girl just by seeing her photographs, coz photographs lie!
They maybe airbrushed to get all the pimples out, make her face look slimmer and make her hair extra black (extra hair maybe added too). Some girls might even put their faces on bodies of professional models with perfect figures, and you'll find out later that she's really a 36000-24000-36000. (bad joke).

Even when actually seeing a girl in person be careful. If she's wearing a loose salwar kameez or a sari, be sure of the fact that she's obese. If she's not doing most of the talking she's probably holding her breath to hold in her paunch. You got to see her in western clothes at least once. Coz if a girl has something to show, she will make damned sure that you will see it.

Suppose you make sure that your future wife is slim(some how!). You're job is still not done. Coz a lot of overweight women go through crash diets during the wedding season, starving themselves or going to professional "fat-farms" to lose dozens of pounds, to get into presentable shape. And then they get it back on after 2 months of marriage.

A solution to this problem is that you look at their pictures taken 2-3 yrs ago. That way you'll know whether they are inclined towards obesity or not.

So best of luck you not so lucky guys!

In my next article i shall try to tackle a much more difficult question which has puzzled all of "Man"kind up to date :-

"Do women ever get Horny?"

people give a damn:
hahahha nice nice!!! waiting for the next article!!!
Women who r fat r high on libido bcs they don't get fucked!
They masturbate a lot! They will never offend u just to please u! They want ur dick whether be it big or small!
are you so seriously thinking of an arranged one already ! ?
The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.

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